oojeez FAQ

oojeez FAQ
What is oojeez?

oojeez.com is a leading online home decor marketplace for buying and selling everything for your home. Since launching in early 2022, oojeez has become a lively home decor and home furnishings marketplace for buyers and sellers worldwide.

By focusing on, price transparency, non-technical eCommerce tools, a consumer-driven
customer service team, and more, oojeez has created an online marketplace where the global buyer and seller community can connect.

Does oojeez have an app?

We are working on an app now and it’s set to launch before the end of 2022. We’ll
keep you posted.

How can I apply a discount code?

Most codes are automatically added during checkout and you'll see the discount reflected in your cart, and throughout the checkout process. Discount codes and gift certificates for eligible items can be entered at checkout, before confirming your purchase. Once in your cart, click Proceed to Checkout and add the coupon code and/or gift certificate code on the following page, under the "Coupon/Discount Code?" section. To finish, click "Apply"

How am I protected if I do not receive an item(s) or the item(s) I receive is not as described?

All purchases on the site are backed by oojeez buyer protection. If anything arrives damaged or not as described, you just need to contact oojeez.com within 5-7 days of delivery with documentation of any issues. We always recommend contacting us right away first, as the majority of issues are resolved within days after delivery.

What if my item arrives damaged?

Anything outside of that 7-day window, or a situation that is not damaged/not as described, we would then honor our buyer protection policies. It is always a good idea to check out the "Returns & Refunds" section on any listing to review our policies.

oojeez.com allows 5-7 business days to get items shipped out and provide tracking numbers. If it is past the 5 business days, we would recommend contacting us for a status update. In the event your messages remain unresponsive, you can contact our Customer Support team 24/7 to assist. - [email protected]

How do I contact oojeez about my order?

If you are trying to get in contact with oojeez about your order, you can
do that directly via the oojeez contact us page, the account dashboard, or our message system.