Returns & Refunds

How returns work for purchases made with checkout on

Although the returns policies for oojeez and our Marketplace Sellers may be different from Walmart's return policies.

We have set up certain minimum return standards to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Review the following guidelines to confirm your return is eligible.
Many items are eligible for a return/refund within:

Minimum standards:
● 30 days of delivery—the refund window will begin on the day of delivery, even if the item
was late.
● 30 days of the maximum delivery date if the item hasn’t arrived.

*Precious metals sellers have a return window of fewer than 10 days. Refer to the seller's specific
policy for precious metals on the seller's page**:

Shipping Fees
Most items may have a return shipping fee; please refer to the Sellers Policy on the item’s listing
a page for more details or if you would like to reach out to a Marketplace seller regarding your
order, contact them directly.

Hazardous Materials
Marketplace items that are considered Hazardous Materials have special rules for returns. They
may not be returned to If the item that you purchased is a hazmat item, you may
contact the Marketplace Seller directly or we can assist you with contacting the seller so they
can discuss the return with you. Hazmat items may include batteries, flammable liquids,
computer equipment, and certain cosmetics or household goods; in addition to other common
products. For more information about what may be considered hazmat, see the Department of
Transportation's hazmat items guidelines.
In case of exceptions like hazardous materials (for example, items that contain Lithium-ion
batteries) and freight (for example, items that are over 150 lbs or meet freight requirements),
please contact the Marketplace Seller directly to discuss the return.

How to Request A Refund?
To request a refund, send us an email at [email protected] along with the Order ID.
Things to Remember When Applying for A Refund
● Any refund requested will be processed within the next 7-days of placing the request.
● Any Transaction fees will not be refunded.
● If an item is damaged, misused or, his/her refund request would be denied.